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Antique & Modern Color Palettes
Make ordering simple, if you have a color chart you can just search for the color number to place an order.
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Antique Color Board (contains up to 80% recycled glass) Modern Color Board
Price: $15.00
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Price: $15.00
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Antique Color Board   (contains up to 80% recycled glass) Modern Color Board
How I Work With Color –Barbara Dybala

Dismantle two color boards and write the corresponding color number on the bottom of each sample. Use a X-Acto knife to cut around the color on the board and pull the color off. Try to leave a bit of paper on the bottom to write on. Keep the two color boards separate.

The first image shows how to regroup the color families close together. It is much easier to see the relationship between the colors this way. As shown below, arrange with the white to black smalti along bottom.

The second image explores my color study for a specific mosaic project. Putting the values next to each other helps to decide which colors can be interchanged; colors of the same intensity can be intermixed.

A great way to analysis your work is to take a photograph of your color study then change the photo to the black and white mode. Your colors should be near the same intensity on a 1-10 gray scale.

Practice seeing color go to Pantone Online Color Challenge
Learn about color families in a fun way with Color–––Method of Action
Another fun color exercise is to mix up one set of colors and try to put the six hues of one family back in order.